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Enjoy a relaxing couples massage at home, we bring the spa to you. Nothing beats having a couples massage in the comfort of your own home. Staying in is the new new….well in lockdown thats for sure.

Lockdown has definitely been a struggle for most but it did have some benefits. It gave us the opportunity to spend more time with our partners, quality time and a desire to get creative with day to day living. Such as going for walks, exploring a new park, exercising together, cooking new recipes, baking for the first time, taking up a new hobby.

Lockdown allowed us to connect with our partners and do things we wouldn’t normally have the time to do.  So why not change things up a again, instead of going out to eat or drink all the time for that date night…why not book a couples massage.  A couples massage is the perfect way for you and your partner to connect and heres how.

  1. Quality Time Together

Take some time out, forget about the bills, work, the kids and put that phone on silent. We get so caught up with daily distractions that its hard to make that time for each other. So turn out the lights, play some relaxing music and smell the aroma of beautifully scented essential oils. A couple massage is ideal for spending some time together and relieving any stress or Anixety.

    2. Trying something different

You can only go to so many restaurants and cinema nights before it gets a bit blah blah blah. Having a couples massage allows you to share a new experience and this ultimately sharing new experiences is what being in a relationship is all about, it keeps the relationship alive.

3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can creep in at any time, sometimes you can’t put your finger on whats causing the stress and other times you know exactly whats what. What ever the cause stress can put a strain on the relationship, thats why massage can really help. During a massage your body releases endorphins and endorphins act as a analgesics which means they diminish the perception of pain. Which will ease muscular pain and lower your stress levels.

Whether its a date night, birthday, valentines or anniversary occasion with your partner. We offer a range of treatments from Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Pressure Massage, Indian Head Massage. See our Treatments

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