Mobile Massage Essex Treatments

Did you know that 60% of what you put on your skin ends up in your gut? this includes all the chemicals in todays commercial beauty products.
Thats why Massage Essex only use pure organic products.

Bringing you a variety of Mobile Massage Essex Treatments, ranging from relaxation massage to deep tissue. Your massage will be tailored to suit your needs.

There may be a travel fee or minimum spend for certain locations.

Soothe it Swedish

Deep Tissue Massage

Soothe your stress away with a classic Swedish Massage that will release muscle tension and improve general well being.

60 mins massage from £65

90 mins massage from £80

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Breathe Easy

Massage therapists near me Romford

Inhale the present, exhale the past. With the use of pure aromatherapy essential oils, bring calm and balance back into your life.

60 mins massage £65

90 mins massage £80

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Volcanic Stones

Hot Stone Massage

Placing hot volcanic stones on the body melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and aids a better night sleep. Allows for a deeper pressure to be applied.

60 mins massage £65

90 mins massage £80

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Deep Pressure Massage

Deep tissue massage therapist

A relaxing deep pressure massage, that helps to target and treat specific muscular pain and improve stiffness.

60 mins massage from £65

90 mins massage from £80

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Organic Facial

corporate massage essex

Treat your face to pure hydration, using pure organic products that absorb into the deeper layers of the skin. To brighten and smooth your complexion. Includes cleanse, exfoliate, hot towel steam, mask, massage, tone and moisturise.

60 mins facial from £60

30 mins Express Organic Facial and 60 mins Massage from £80

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Indian Head Massage Combo

The perfect treatment to help you worry less and give you clarity. Using Indian Head Massage techniques that will relieve migraines, anxiety and improve hair condition.

30 mins Indian Head Massage and 60 mins Body Massage

From £80

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Couples Massage

Pamper Parties

A couples massage is the perfect treatment for you and your partner or a friend. You can choose between a Aromatherapy, Swedish, Deep Pressure or Indian Head Massage.

60 mins back to back £110 (one therapist)

60 mins side by side £120 (two therapists)

90 mins back to back £130 (one therapist)

90 mins side by side £150 (two therapists)

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Group Massage

Swedish Massage

A Group Massage is perfect for 4 or more people, whether it be a Birthday Celebration, Hen Party or Pamper session.

30 mins massage £35 per person

40 mins massage £40 per person

50 mins massage £50 per person

60 mins massage £60 per person

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Prepare for Treatment

We kindly ask that you shower before your treatment, this allows the organic essential oils to absorb into the skin and work their magic.

Please prepare a space for your massage therapist to set up. This should be close to a plug socket and include an area for them to lay their couch with space to move around.

Consider any specific requirements, medical conditions or allergies your massage therapist should be aware of. Your therapist will carry out a short consultation to ensure the appointment is tailored to your specific needs.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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